Bravado Warm Intros Digital Campaign

Multi-channel digital advertising campaign teasing launch of our new Warm Intros product offering.
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As we prepared to launch our new Warm Intros product to the broader public, it was important to build market awareness of our new offering and educate our existing users about the benefits of what we were building. Following some initial limited testing regarding the messaging to see what would resonate best with our various audiences, I created this multi-channel digital campaign to run across various social networks and Google Display Network. In addition, I designed complementary assets for posting to our own social channels to build anticipation and drive the messaging home to our followers.

The overall design direction was an extension of our recent visual rebranding efforts, but we wanted to create something that felt visually dynamic and would get our users excited and curious about the possibilities of the new product. Rather than use strictly photo-based assets as we'd done for campaigns in the past, I upped the ante by pairing imagery with graphic elements in bold, monochromatic colors from our extended color palette to grab the audience's attention and stand out in crowded social feeds. Since the messaging that had tested best was playful and slightly tongue-in-cheek, I chose photo imagery that was bright and felt optimistic to keep the feel cohesive and reinforce the text copy. The graphic elements and callouts are all shapes derived from our logo and are in keeping with the bold, unapologetic feel.

In addition, the team asked me to design creative showcasing mockups of the new product for use both in advertising, on our social channels, and in marketing communications and newsletters. I created simple but impactful assets that utilize the same bold colorways and make use of simple layouts and negative space to keep the spotlight on the product itself.

Alongside the image-based assets, I created a series of text-based assets that could be posted across our various social channels and included in marketing emails. To keep it simple and focus on the messaging, I opted for a simple two-color monochromatic type treatment emphasizing key words and phrases, utilizing the same shade-based extended color palette seen in the ad creative.

Sample Ad Creative (1 of 3)
Sample Ad Creative (2 of 3)
Sample Ad Creative (3 of 3)
Product Mockup Assets
Text-based Social Assets (1 of 2)
Text-based Social Assets (2 of 2)

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