Bravado Warm Intros Steps

Templated pages to guide users through Bravado's new Warm Intros Marketplace
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I led the design process for a product feature to guide "matched" users through the process of successfully making a Warm Intro with our company's new product launch. Before the redesign, the pages combined information about the company being pitched ("Company Profile") with the steps ("Warm Intro Steps"), which made for an extremely long and convoluted user experience that was leading to confusion and low conversion rates among our beta user cohort. By separating the content into two pages and streamlining the visual design, I created a solution that was more easily maintainable as the product scaled and made for an easy-to-navigate experience for the user.

The new solution also addresses smaller pain-points based on user feedback gathered from the beta launch. This included pop-up modals with email templates for users to copy when pitching the company to their clients, elements of personalization to increase buy-in and reduce friction in interactions with the requesting company's representative (i.e. representative avatars and calendly links to allow for seamless scheduling), checklist-style instructions, and one clear CTA in each step section to reduce the amount of copy and allow for greater comprehension by the user. The rollout of the new templates resulted in a direct increase in conversion events, as well as feedback from the operations team that it greatly reduced the number of support requests and manual interventions required on their end.

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