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Full and half page advertisements for New York Weddings Magazine
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Eventfull NYC

I was asked by the client to create full-page and half-page advertisements for New York Weddings magazine to attract new clients to her upscale catering and event planning services. We settled on a clean, simplified aesthetic with an elegant feel that would keep the focus on the food and ambience alongside the tagline that I created for her. Both ads subtly feature the company's signature magenta color.

Following up on the full-page ad series, I was asked to create a half-page ad that mimicked the upscale look and feel of the previous ads. We chose an image of family-style dining that feels both elegant and on-trend with current wedding looks, and we eliminated the use of the tagline to keep the space from feeling unnecessarily cluttered, letting the image tell the story.

Half-page Ad
Full-page Ad
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