ImpressArt Sub-brands

Created logos, lockups, visual styling, and packaging to identify 3 new tiers of product offerings and education initiative.
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I created these logos and lockups as identifiers for ImpressArt as they expanded their web education program and developed new lines of products.

1\ ImpressArt U was created for the new website launch, which included a comprehensive 4-level tutorial program (the “School of Stamping”).  The “U” badge is illustrated and appears on the site and in promotional emails as one of our “3 Ways to Learn” (see IA Website Illustrations under Misc).

ImpressArt U School of Stamping Branding

2\ The ImpressArt Artisan line was created out of more expensive gold and silver plated metals, and was to be marketed to customers as “stamp-and-go” pre-finished jewelry.  The idea behind the the line was “everyone can be an artisan,” and I created font treatment to invoke an artist’s signature on a painting.   I selected rose gold foil for the packaging to further distinguish the line from the silver foil on our existing packaging and also created a custom pattern utilizing the IA brand mark within subtle herringbone which I overlaid on our brand’s light grey color for a feel that was more expensive and upscale.

ImpressArt Artisan Logo and Lockup
ImpressArt Artisan Sample Packaging

3\ I came up with the name and logo for the new ImpressArt Signature line, which was created to separate our retail product from those we sell in prominent chain stores (which feature our bright turquoise as the background).  I chose a gunmetal foil to continue the use of foil color as a visual shorthand for the product lines and paired it with a darker grey palette that would evoke the more durable feel of the new stronger steel being used.  To that end, I also created the Steel Rated lockup to advertise this feature, which was put on all the packaging as well.

ImpressArt Signature Logos and Lockups
ImpressArt Signature Sample Packaging

4\ ImpressArt Value Packs were created to pitch to a large crafts chain store as a power panel at the end of a row where shoppers could purchase bulk items at a discount.  We wanted to incorporate the company’s signature teal, but still distinguish the packaging in a very noticeable way, so I switched the teal to the top of the packaging and created a Value Pack font treatment to prominently mark the products as value products.  The font I chose was a very round sans-serif that feels a bit more playful and approachable, while also communicating a pared-down sensibility that is important in marketing bulk products.

ImpressArt Value Lockup
ImpressArt Value Sample Packaging
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