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Visual design and frontend development of new education program housed on e-commerce site, comprising tutorials, templates, and themed inspiration pages.
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An important part of the ImpressArt site redesign was the launch of the company’s comprehensive new education program to help new customers learn how to use our product and thus continue to shop with us.  The program comprised Techniques, Tutorials, and Resources & Guides pages filled with resources, as well as a dedicated School of Stamping page that offers a multi-level progressive tutorial program alongside material kits for purchase with each level.  In keeping with one of the goals of the redesign, we wanted to overhaul the visual styling to include deeper colors and natural textures such as woods, linens, concrete and marble.  Large “maker” shots as banner images draw the user into the stamping experience and pique their curiosity, and spare use of text in favor of illustrative imagery keeps the focus on the product and the process and doesn’t overwhelm the user with information.  

In this Tutorials gallery, projects are sorted by difficulty and are photographed in a uniform, yet interesting, style to entice the customer to explore further.  On other pages, the Browse inset box clearly distinguishes the gallery of linked pages from other information.  In mobile view, each level of tutorials expands into a dropdown to keep the user from having to endlessly scroll as the company adds new projects down the line.

Templates were created to guide users through individual techniques and projects. The mobile-friendly layout featured an embedded video guiding users through the entirety of the tutorial, dropdowns for easily-shoppable materials lists (complete with product shots and cross-linked to products on the e-commerce portion of the site), and large-scale detailed illustrations and photographs to supplement the text instructions.

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