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The first of several subject-specific microsites to cross-promote ImpressArt U and boost sales to a key maker demographic by providing topical inspiration and tutorials. Executed on creative direction, design, and frontend development.
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In the second phase of the site redesign, the company wanted to capture more of the DIY wedding trend with a specific wedding landing page that featured wedding-specific projects and inspiration.  The company tag line, “Make it personal,” welcomes future brides and grooms to the site over an elegantly styled banner that shows off several projects.  I decided to separate the content by category to make the page more easily navigable for those looking for a specific type of tutorial.  Each banner slide is styled in a different wedding theme, as we wanted every bride/groom to be able to “see” how the projects could fit in in the context of their own wedding.  

Below the banner is a quick explanatory paragraph for those who are new to stamping and are clicking through from social media and pinterest, as well as our quick “How to Metal Stamp” video, to help alleviate user concerns about the product being difficult or overly time-consuming to use.  Once again, the Project Ideas box mimics the ImpressArt U styling, but we styled the photography to be more elegant and sophisticated, so that users can see that our products can be used to create upscale gifts and decor that looks expensive.  All the projects are linked to tutorial pages, from which they can seamlessly shop all the project materials to aid with conversion.

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