SeeSpot App

Design of overall visual aesthetic and sample screens for SeeSpot pet meetup mobile app.
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Capstone Project

Since See Spot is a mobile app, an important part of the brand development process was creating mobile app mockups of what that app would look like and how the brand assets and overall aesthetic would manifest in the context of the company's app. The app's design mimics the rest of the brand's visual style, using cheerful colors and a clean, simplified interface design. The brand's mark is used as a UI element throughout the app - as map pointers on the map screen, and in place of arrows or other button signifiers for major points of interaction (e.g. when a user goes to 'invite' another dog to play). Since the brand feel is very playful, I made use of microcopy and dog-related lingo throughout the app to engage with users in a friendly way and make the overall experience more lighthearted and enjoyable.

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