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Bright and easy-to-use activist website created in the lead-up to the 2020 election to help people quickly take effective action to combat voter suppression.
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Personal Project

My colleague approached me about designing and building a small pop-up site to help combat voter suppression in August 2020. The premise surrounding the design and execution was that people with 10 minutes to spare could quickly take a few simple actions that would have maximum impact on the given issues. We chose 3 sub-issues that we considered high-priority: saving the US Post Office, checking voter registration status (and registering to vote/requesting a ballot depending on the outcome), and combatting active voter suppression efforts.

For the overall aesthetic, we wanted to go with a bold, bright color scheme that supported the cheeky and familiar tone we took with the copy. Each subject matter page was designed to quickly introduce the issue and highlight the relevant actions in a large, bright callout, with FAQs and additional resources taking a secondary role further down the page. The site is fully-responsive, and was designed with accessibility in mind, as a large portion of our audience was accessing the site through mobile devices.

Homepage with links to Policy Issue interior pages
Interior Page: Save the USPS
Full desktop pages
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